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The StatsHelix SDK puts powerful, data-driven products within reach for all games. Create interactive Twitch Extensions and more with only a few lines of code using our Data Visualization software – now in open Beta.

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The StatsHelix SDK allows games to communicate with our servers and send us live game data. This gives any game that integrates the SDK access to a growing suite of StatsHelix products, even without a live data API. Whether you’re building a competitive multiplayer fighter or a single player RPG, the SDK helps you engage your stream viewers like never before.

Easily Create Twitch Extensions

Our SDK lets any game relay game-state information to Twitch and display contextual information through Twitch Extensions. Use it to explain unique character abilities and game modes, or to engage viewers with real-time stats!

Easy Content management

Our web portal lets you easily upload game assets with little to no coding effort. You can also use an API to extract what’s needed directly from your game.

Easy Integration

Integrating with, and building on the StatsHelix SDK takes about an hour, not days or weeks.



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