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Esports analysts rely on our post-match tool to break down complex concepts for stream viewers. StatsHelix helps broadcasters create exciting content between and after matches to keep stream viewers watching longer.

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Our post-match product helps broadcasters create exciting content between games. It’s our version of the sports ‘weatherman’ tool, but better.

  • Top-down view of every round in the match
  • Quickly jump to any point in the match using the timeline and game events
  • Automatically zoom in on relevant parts of the map
  • Easily draw on the map to showcase strategy (using stylus, touch-screen, or mouse)
  • Add bookmarks to multiple times in a replay, no need to search for the right spot live
  • Completely ready within 10 seconds of the match being finished
  • Customizable branding and colors to adapt to any event or sponsor
  • Syncs across multiple instances, letting analysts work together and eliminating the need for a video cable from the analyst desk to the production area
  • Supports live-data and demo-files
  • Backed by professional StatsHelix support

How It Works


For Broadcasters

To set up the Highlight Wizard with CS:GO, check out our Integration Guide. Alternatively, we also support demo uploads through a Telegram bot. For all other games, please contact us.

For game developers

Game Minimum System Requirements

  • Active map + picture of the map overview 
  • Player positions (through X,Y,Z coordinates)
  • Player names
  • Additional information to be displayed, if applicable (e.g. player team or active item)
  • Important Game Events
  • Match Score


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