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Esports Industry Standard

Since 2016, our team has powered the tech behind the world’s biggest esports events – from fan interaction to behind-the-scenes broadcast software, and everything in between.

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Flash Point

“Flashpoint is all about the players, talent and fans in a raw, unfiltered tournament series to deliver unprecedented competition and entertainment for the CS:GO community. By partnering with StatsHelix, we can elevate our game with meaningful insights to drive the conversation around our matches.”

Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles


Our Products


Data Visualization

Our interactive streaming product enhances any broadcast by adding a new dimension of engagement. From live stats and analytics to ecommerce and audience polls, the possibilities are endless with StatsHelix.

Simple Integration

Our interactive streaming software comes with the most out of the box functionality in the industry and is built to easily integrate with most game titles

highly accurate

Our product is accurate to within 0.3 seconds, delivering best-in-class performance 

Supports Free & Premium Features

Create premium experiences with capacity for powerful monetization through paywalls, in-extension sales, and use of Twitch Bits

Explain Key Moments

Post-Match Analysis

Esports analysts rely on our post-match tool to break down complex concepts for stream viewers. StatsHelix helps broadcasters create exciting content during and after matches to keep stream viewers watching longer.

Tactical Insight

A 2D overhead rendering of the match lets fans see the whole picture and better understand

Full Control

Analysts can jump to a specific moment in time, pause/rewind, and even draw directly on the broadcast to highlight specific areas of interest

Simplify Highlight Creation

Highlight Wizard

Our Highlight Wizard helps production teams instantly generate highlight clips and is easily operated by a single person, freeing up resources to focus on better storytelling.


Never look for a highlight again

Automatically capture and sort highlights for every player on the server, and filter by player or event to quickly pull up and string together highlight clips


Easy File Management

Send highlight clips directly to a broadcast, or download them later for use in additional content


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