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Deliver Engaging Broadcasts

StatsHelix turns static live streams into dynamic and engaging experiences. Our data visualization product lets you easily display interactive graphics over Twitch streams with minimal integration work.

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Enhance any broadcast by adding a new dimension of engagement. From live stats and analytics to ecommerce and audience polls, the possibilities are endless with StatsHelix.

  • Add pre-made visualizations to every stream
  • Customizable branding and colors
  • Easy integration with your game with simple, straight-forward API
  • Simple integration with multiple modules, such as
    • Scoreboard
    • Dynamic Minimap
    • Hero-Helper
  • Upload assets and text using our visual editor
  • Backed by professional StatsHelix support

How It Works


Our data visualization technology turns game data into interactive stream elements. It collects data through an API or through our SDK (coming soon). Here are three example modules and the data they require:


The scoreboard allows viewers to pull up any information you provide quickly and easily. Relevant information can vary from game to game, but generally includes:

  • Usernames of all players in the streamed game
  • Kills / Deaths
  • Score / Points
  • Rank / XP
  • Awards


Our software lets you easily add a dynamic, interactive minimap that each viewer can show/hide on demand. This feature requires:

  • Active map + picture of the map overview
  • Player positions (through X,Y,Z coordinates)
  • Player names
  • Additional information to be displayed, if applicable (e.g. player team or active item)

Hero Helper Module

The Hero Helper shows hero/ability descriptions on stream for new players. It requires:

  • Graphic/video assets and descriptions of each playable character (done through our online platform)
  • Character currently in-use by streamer


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