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Since 2016, StatsHelix has been building data-driven software products for game publishers and tournament organizers. During this time, we’ve mainly had to focus on AAA titles with APIs (e.g. CS:GO, Dota 2) because only they could provide the live data our software needed. Unfortunately this means we’ve missed out on working with many, many great games over the years.

Today, we’re launching the StatsHelix SDK to bring the same cutting-edge software we’re known for to the thousands of amazing games released every year.



The StatsHelix SDK allows games to communicate with our servers and send us live game data. This gives any game that integrates the SDK access to a growing suite of StatsHelix products, even without a live data API.

The first product to support our SDK is our Data Visualization software. Through the SDK, our Data Visualizations can take data from a game and display it in interactive Twitch Extensions (stream overlays). Game developers can use these overlays to explain character abilities, key game mechanics, and more, directly on stream. Anyone streaming their game can easily add these features to their stream, simply by enabling the StatsHelix extension.


Rushdown Revolt Twitch Extension

Viewers can learn more about characters directly on stream


Our interactive stream elements have worked well at both large and small esports tournaments, ranging from the London Faceit CS:GO Major to the semi-pro Oceanic Esports Dota 2 League. They consistently turn passive stream viewers into active ones and engage them in unique ways. Our SDK brings this functionality to all streams, not just competitive events.

Many games are now using Twitch and other streaming platforms as their main marketing avenue – this means for millions of gamers, Twitch will be the first place they see a new game played. With the StatsHelix SDK and our Data Visualization software, all game developers can now leverage Twitch Extensions to educate and engage stream viewers during this key user acquisition and onboarding period. They can also show off new skins, game modes, and other content to help reactivate older players. StatsHelix lets game devs leverage their whole streaming ecosystem to educate their viewers, not just paid influencers. Anyone streaming a game can have this extension and their viewers will see it. Think of it as a new marketing tool for the best parts of their game.


Setup and use:

Making games is a lot of work – we get it. We built our SDK to be easy to use, lightweight, and transparent (open source). It takes under an hour to get set up (not days or weeks) and once the SDK is integrated, the actual product portion is managed entirely through our web portal, code-free. A marketing person or community manager can do it – freeing up valuable developer resources.


StatsHelix Backend Editing

Easily edit these overlays from our back end


The SDK is currently compatible with Unity and other games in C#, with support for Unreal and other engines coming soon.


What next?

For more information on our SDK and to get started, head over to our SDK website and dev portal, where you can find detailed documentation, download links, and more. We’re constantly improving our product and new features are coming soon, so follow us on Twitter or YouTube to stay up to date.

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