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Our Highlight Wizard has been used to automate instant replay creation on some of the biggest stages in esports. We’re adding some features that expand its functionality to be a comprehensive event video management solution.

Advanced global filtering: You can now search for clips across multiple events and filter based on certain tags (e.g. “multikill”, “team:Ninjas in Pyjamas”). You can look back at qualifier rounds, recap a player’s performance up to a certain stage, or show their progress in the tournament so far. It’s easier than ever to find the right highlight and focus on storytelling.

Automatic smart highlight generation: The Highlight Wizard can now look at specific combinations of events (e.g. multi-kills, defuses, etc.), and automatically create highlights from them. That nice clutch-ace? You can share it to Twitter in seconds.

Automatic tagging and naming: The Highlight Wizard captures every single kill in a match, which can be overwhelming sometimes. We’ve made it easier to find the right clips by tagging them and giving them human readable titles like “GeT_RiGhT gets a 4-kill against fnatic.”

Easy access for 3rd parties: The Highlight Wizard now lets you create sharable links to content without interfering with live tournament production. Use them to share content with your social media team or to give esports organizations access to their players’ highlights.

Branding: You can now add overlays to any highlight ranging from player names/pictures to tournament and brand logos. This helps you maintain a consistent brand even in the clips you share on social media, and gives your sponsors more visibility.

For more information, or if you’re interested in using the Highlight Wizard at your next tournament, shoot us an email at

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