data-driven Software to power the gaming industry


Our pro tools help players, teams, and organizations train and scout talent. Review demos and analyze performance with access to extensive game data.


Compile match highlights and demos for recruitment, coaching, and analysis.


Generate sophisticated heatmaps from game data using the Statshelix 2D viewer.

Coaching Telestrator

Develop strategies and analyze replays in real time.


We powered the first interactive esports stream in September 2018 and have continued to pioneer new and exciting stream technologies.

viewer customizable extensions

Spectators are able to custom tailor their own streaming experience.

in-game dashboard

Access statistics, maps, player bios and more from within the stream viewer.

supports free & premium features

Create premium experiences with capability for powerful monetization.


Our broadcaster tools help event producers highlight key moments and explain high-level concepts to casual audiences.

Replay and telestrator

Visually enhance game analysis and highlight key moments.

stats and analytics console

Empower broadcasters to explain high-level concepts using detailed data.

smart highlight studio

Create replay and highlight reels intuitively and quickly.

About Us

StatsHelix is changing the perception of what is possible in gaming by using complex game data to power software for players, tournament organizers, game developers, and digital audiences.

Dana Kawar


20 years of experience in the gaming industry – Tournament organizer, consultant to game devs and brands – Owner of FlipSid3 Tactics, multiple world championship winning esports team

Moritz Uehling


Developed the first stats and analytics platform used by professional esports athletes – Took 1st place at “Jugend Forscht” Europe’s biggest science fair at the age of 19 – Former Global Elite CS:GO player

Hector Rosario


Former Dota 2 professional – Lead a CS:GO team to 8 consecutive majors using data and analytics – Scouted and recruited players who have won 20 championships since 2015.

Mo Hallaba

Business Development

10 years experience in business development and M&A on Wall Street – Built the first cloud-based video editing platform for gamers – Runs the largest esports industry group on the East Coast – Former Masters SC2 player – Mythic MTGA player

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